Renewable Energy Development Association of Russia asked Govt to support industry

Russia Renewable Energy Development Association (RREDA) has asked Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak to consider the issue of support measures for the industry due to the difficult economic situation in the Russian government. 
The Association points out the impossibility of planning the implementation of capital-intensive investment projects as the risks of equipment supply chain disruption and multiple increases in the cost of credit resources are extremely high. 
Consequently, there will be an increase in capital investment, and there will be no offset from further payments for capacity. The most important parameters of the RES generation support programme are the localisation of equipment production and subsequent export; in the context of Russia's isolation from world trade, both aspects are of serious concern today and require additional elaboration.
RREDA proposes: 
- postpone the 2022 deadline for the selection of RES projects by 6 months (to November-December 2022); 
 - establish a non-punitive deferment for at least two years for RES facilities commissioned between 2022 and 2027, without reducing the contractual term of power supply;
- compensate for ruble exchange rate fluctuations before the end of the investment phase of the projects;
- take into account changes in the cost of debt financing, including for existing RES facilities;
- adjust export obligations.