Another issue of Qazaq Green magazine is out

Dear colleagues! The next issue of the sectoral information and analytical magazine Qazaq Green has been published. Today, the issues of energy transition are extremely important both for the international community and for our country. In this regard, the new issue of Qazaq Green raises topics that are important for the development of renewable energy - current problems in the electric power industry of Kazakhstan, forecast balance until 2035, the construction of new renewable energy stations and important problems for the country's renewable energy market (tariff indexation, small-scale renewable energy, etc. .), development of carbon markets (I-REC certificates, carbon credits), development of a special educational programs for the training of lawyers in the field of new environmental legislation, development of innovative activity in the "green" economy of the country, development of hydrogen energy.

The relevance of the issues raised is beyond doubt. However, the development of a green economy is influenced by both internal and external factors. The statements of European leaders about accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources against the backdrop of abandoning traditional energy sources and changing traditional supply channels due to geopolitical factors practically run counter to the opinion of experts that the "green" agenda may fade into the background again in the light of international events.

Therefore, "Qazaq Green" RES Association considers the importance to consolidate the opinion of the business community of RES in Kazakhstan, which is possible due to the release of our magazine. We thank our authors and invite you to work together on the journal, as well as on solving important issues for the country's renewable energy under the umbrella of our Association.

You can find the electronic version of the journal on our updated website: