QAZAQ GREEN” Expedition to Buiratau Nature Park

The “QAZAQ GREEN” Business Expedition by automobile to the State National Nature Park “Buiratau” will start on July 8, 2022

The QAZAQ GREEN Business Expedition by automobile to the State National Natural Park Buiratau, where the population of the red-listed argali was restored in the beautiful Yerementau mountains, and the population of the red deer, the maral, was bred and released into the natural environment, will start on July 8, 2022.

The powerful composition of the expedition brought together the best experts and leaders of the power and renewable energy industry, from both government agencies and the business community.
The number of those wishing to join our expedition was very large. However, we are limited in the number of participants, which should not exceed 50 people.

We are planning to set up a camping site and a tent city in the National Park, where working sessions will be held on the most relevant topics for the development of green energy and electricity in general.

For the rest of the time, participants will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and watch rare animals in their natural habitat. In addition, there will be an evening around the campfire with the sounds of guitars, singing songs together and the smell of aromatic barbecue in nature.

The program includes visits and tours of the two largest wind farms in Akmola Region, where investor representatives will talk about the intricacies of wind farm construction and maintenance.

The report will be published upon completion of the expedition.

This is the first expedition from the Association of RES “QAZAQ GREEN”. But in the future we will definitely organize new business expeditions to the sacred places of our homeland.